Torrey Hill Inc.                                         
Since I graduated Esthetics school in May 2017, I have dreamed of creating a space for men and women to repair themselves naturally - inside and out.  ​I began studying medicinal herbs and plants, and essential oils.

Along with learning about holistic healing, I've also been studying the universal energy all around us.  I've had an amazing teacher/mentor to guide me along this journey.  I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher, and an Archangelic Light Master.

Look for my independently owned/operated business to open in 2018 in Currituck County, NC.

Beth Newbern-Hallam, owner of Torrey Hill Inc
Beth Newbern-Hallam
owner/licensed esthetician 
  •  1st degree Reiki certification – 07/29/2017
  •  2nd degree Reiki certification – 08/13/2017
  •  Reiki Master/Teacher certification – 03/24-25/2018
  •  Archangel Light Practitioner certification – 07/05/2017
  •  Archangel Light Master certification – 08/20/2017
  •  Crystal Healer certification – in progress
  •  Herbalist certification – in progress